iPhone 4G, iPhone 5 or next-gen iPhone, most probable features

NFC: There are many phones that already use NFC right now, and Apple should just as well catch up. Probable clues: Passbook app is a Google Wallet equivalent that might need NFC for a full-fledge experience.

4G LTE:  4G is key if Apple wants to reclaim it’s stake from Android. Probable clues: Apple has made features that would be in the next iPhone in the iPad, such as the A5 chip. 4G is the next new addition to the newest iPad, so LTE should be in the next gen iPhone.

A5x or A6 chip: The new A5x chip with quad-core graphics power is faster and more powerful, but some people still demand more such as quad-core processing. Probable clues: The A5 chip in the iPad 2 showed up in the iPhone 4S, and at least an A5x chip should be in the next-gen iPhone, or whatever it’s called.

iOS 6: I would faint if Apple didn’t include this in the next-gen iPhone. Probable clues: Do you still need any?

Better camera: There should be a bump up to 12 Megapixels or better wide-angle lens, an optical zoom or even interchangable lenses! Probable clues: Apple recently filed a patent for interchangeable lens and Apple likes to keep improving it’s camera.


WWDC and E3 update: June 12

WWDC: Apple reveals it’s latest MacBook Pros, one variant with Retina display that starts at $2199 and dumps the 17-inch MB Pro. iOS 6 gets turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover mode plus Facebook integration, the latest MB Air has USB 3, compatible with 2.0, drops 3 of the 4 variants’ price by $100.

E3: Nintendo unveils Wii U GamePad, NintendoLand, NSMB U. Sony unveils Wonderbook, Beyond and other games such as Halo 4 along with Microsoft. Microsoft also introduced SmartGlass, an app for your tablet or phone which you can control your XBOX from.

Top 5 standard Windows laptops

5. Dell XPS 14z

The Dell XPS 14z has a sleek design with a DVD Drive and the screen is great.

4. Sony VAIO SE

This 15-incher is great with a slim sub-1″ design and still manages to put in a DVD drive.

3. HP Envy 15

MacBook Pro clone. Glass touchpad, 15 inch screen, metal chassis with glass around it’s screen, haven’t we seen this?

2. Toshiba Portege R835

Great slim laptop with DVD and standard voltage processor.

1. Sony VAIO Z

Premium carbon-fibre chassis with great 16:9 display. AMD graphics. This laptop is the best at everything. Including emptying your wallet. It’s $1749!

Apple Update: May 29

OK, I’m back. I’ve been real busy and my computer is being fixed. So, Apple’s next invention could be the iPen, a stylus. And these are some of the features we want for iPhone.

1. Larger screen (4 inches +) [50%]

2. New design [90%]

3. 4G [50%]

4. External storage [1-5%]

5. Thunderbolt [1%]

6. More customizable OS [90%]

7. Quad-core processor [1%]

8. MicroUSB [1%]

9. Innovative new theme (like being made of water) [0.01%]

10. Removable battery [1-5%]

11. FaceTime on 3G and 4G [40%]

12. Adobe Flash [0%]

13. Better camera [30%]

14. NFC [30%]

15. WiFi 802.11ac [30%]

Sony VAIO Z Series vs MacBook Air

With Intel Ivy Bridge on the horizon, one final fight will decide the best ultra thin laptop, between Sony’s premium Z Series and the Apple MacBook Air.


The VAIO Z has a squared off design with carbon fiber to reduce the weight. It feels premium and certainly is solid. The MB Air’s design is still the thinnest and lightest design on earth, it has an aluminum finish inside and outside.

Sony – 4.0; Apple – 5.0


Even the entry-level VAIO Z comes with a Power Media Dock, which is a dock for the optical drive you’re missing out, with AMD graphics inside the dock. There’s a USB 3.0 port, which is used to connect to PMD, but there’s another USB 3 on the dock. The Air doesn’t have USB 3.0, but has Thunderbolt, along with 2 USBs, MagSafe and SD Card.

Sony – 5.0; Apple – 3.7


The VAIO Z doesn’t use an ultra-low voltage processor, so that means you’ll get a full-fledged machine. The AMD graphics card on the PMD means that this thing is powerful. The Air performed well, but just not as well as the Sony’s i5-2450.

Sony – 5.0; Apple – 3.7


The Air is the way to go if you need battery. It’s 7 hour life means you’ll be able to be away from a plug the whole day. The Z Series’s battery life was just under the Air, and the $150 slice battery can add that u to 14 hours. But internal is always better than external.

Sony – 3.7; Apple – 5.0


The Z starts at $1749 with a Core i5 and the PMD, plus AMD graphics. The Air starts at $1299 and you can upgrade the SSD to 256GB and it will still be cheaper at $1599. But the PMD is a $150 value and the more premium build can make up for the price.

Sony – 4.3; Apple – 4.3


Sony – 4.4; Apple – 4.4


Sony – 4.40; Apple – 4.36

Apple Roundup: May 12

Apple has been awarded its patent for a MacBook with 4G connectivity. Whether this will actually be launched soon, a product of the future or go into Apple’s “I don’t need these but I don’t want anyone using these stuff” cupboard, I don’t know.

With Mountain Lion on the Horizon, the ability of pinning notes can add a customizable feel t0 iOS. As shown in the screenshot below, you may be able to pin notes and other things like contacts and even equations to the home screen.

Apple TV news are setting the WWW on fire as Foxconn chief claims that their company is preparing to manufacture these TVs and other rumors about Siri being integrated to it.