Nintendo Direct reveals all new Zelda, Mario and other games!

Today’s Nintendo Direct reveals an explosion of new games.

Mr. Iwata revealed that a new Mario Kart is coming to Wii U (no surprise there), a new 3D Mario game (still no surprise). But there are two shocking revelations. One of them was the Yoshi game leaked a few weeks earlier. It appears as if the team that worked on Kirby’s Epic Yarn will be working on… Yarn Yoshi! It’s been 15 years since the last major Yoshi console game, so it should be perfect for Wii U.

The second shocker was Zelda Wind Waker will be remade for Wii U. It will be Miiverse compatible. TLoZ: WW U will come this fall. Zelda U will be coming soon, and Mr. Eiji Aonuma, creator of Zelda, has revealed that it will be more open-ended than previous Zelda games.

Wii Party U is coming soon too, so this will be much more interesting year for Wii U!


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