Sony VAIO Z Series vs MacBook Air

With Intel Ivy Bridge on the horizon, one final fight will decide the best ultra thin laptop, between Sony’s premium Z Series and the Apple MacBook Air.


The VAIO Z has a squared off design with carbon fiber to reduce the weight. It feels premium and certainly is solid. The MB Air’s design is still the thinnest and lightest design on earth, it has an aluminum finish inside and outside.

Sony – 4.0; Apple – 5.0


Even the entry-level VAIO Z comes with a Power Media Dock, which is a dock for the optical drive you’re missing out, with AMD graphics inside the dock. There’s a USB 3.0 port, which is used to connect to PMD, but there’s another USB 3 on the dock. The Air doesn’t have USB 3.0, but has Thunderbolt, along with 2 USBs, MagSafe and SD Card.

Sony – 5.0; Apple – 3.7


The VAIO Z doesn’t use an ultra-low voltage processor, so that means you’ll get a full-fledged machine. The AMD graphics card on the PMD means that this thing is powerful. The Air performed well, but just not as well as the Sony’s i5-2450.

Sony – 5.0; Apple – 3.7


The Air is the way to go if you need battery. It’s 7 hour life means you’ll be able to be away from a plug the whole day. The Z Series’s battery life was just under the Air, and the $150 slice battery can add that u to 14 hours. But internal is always better than external.

Sony – 3.7; Apple – 5.0


The Z starts at $1749 with a Core i5 and the PMD, plus AMD graphics. The Air starts at $1299 and you can upgrade the SSD to 256GB and it will still be cheaper at $1599. But the PMD is a $150 value and the more premium build can make up for the price.

Sony – 4.3; Apple – 4.3


Sony – 4.4; Apple – 4.4


Sony – 4.40; Apple – 4.36


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